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"It has taken us long to understand, to really understand, who we are." - A short first person fic about a rather uncommon couple.
Written in 1st person style; 2 different POVs.
All stories can also be found on fanfiction.net

FanFiction Promo Pictures
Some promo pics for my stories.

Rain. It falls from the sky like the million of tears he has not been able to cry.
(Can also be found on fanfiction.net)

Silent Joy - Hide and Seek
This is the third part of my Silent Joy series. It takes place at a time when Maegan is about 8 and Brea is about 5 yrs old. Maeve/Sinbad and Bryn/Doubar pairing. Category: Family/Homour All stories can also be found on fanfic.net

Silent Joy - late afternoon sun
"I had never expected this all to happen, had never thought that - with all what my past had revealed to me – I would find peace and happiness like this… "
A short future one-shot. Fluff. Doubar/Bryn & Sinbad/Maeve.
All stories can also be found on fanfiction.net

Silent Joy - surrender to the silent joy
"Now these doubts and the guilt have vanished from his gaze because just as I, he knows that this path lead me to her. And to our little daughter."
A short future one-shot. Family. Doubar/Bryn, Sinbad/Maeve, Sinbad-Doubar-brotherhood.
All stories can also be found on fanfiction.net

The Edge
She knows she has to go. Right now. Right here.
(Can also be found on fanfiction.net)

The Man I Have Become
Deep blue orbs are staring back at him – asking, doubting, searching. - A short one-shot on the post S2 Sinbad in "my" universe. Can also be found on fanfic.net

Things do change
A talk between Bryn and Sinbad finally sets some things straight. Post S2.
(Can also be found on fanfiction.net)


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