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1) Can I add my FanArts?
Yes, you can add them after the registration. You click on the “Add photo” option, choose the album “Our FanArts”, put the URL address of your picture and its miniature.
Miniature cannot have more than 200x200 pixels.

2) Can I add the link to my site or other AoS site?
Yes, you can add the link after the registration. You click on the “Add link” option and filled the fields.

3) Can I add my Fan-Fiction story?
Yes, you can add it after the registration. First you have to contact the administrator to create your own author-folder. Next you click on the “Add articles” option and filled the fields.
It is not allowed to post others stories. You can only add your own one.

4) What is the “Ask expert” area?
It is the area of our forum when you can ask the questions about the show and 2K will answer you.

5) What is the “Guest’s book”?
It is the area of our forum when our guests can leave their comments for us.

6) Can I download the Fan Videos or pictures from the site?
Yes, you can download them but you cannot use them without our permission.

7) Can I upload my Video on your site?
Yes, we can post your video. You need to upload it on http://www.zshare.net/ and send the administrator all the links you got.

If you have more questions,
Post them here
Someone will give you the answer.


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Cannot see any of the objects!!! smiley


come check this out: http://www.fanfiction.net
/s/8374432/1/ A new AOS fanfic smiley

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