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UpdatesIt has been a while since our last updates-info and many things have changed around.

*First of all, in our manu, two new areas showed up:
-The Cargo Hold - it is a place where you can find interviews with actors and some behind-the-scenes stuff. In near future there are gonna be even more attractions.
-Meet the Characters- it is a presentation of the main characters.

*What's more, in AoS with TheSims2, there are some new video and pictures.

*General information about the show has changed form (outlook), just like Our FanVideos

*Moreover, our galleries are updated with new pictures (Promontial Pictures), just like all the new videos.

At the present moment, we are working on many new stuff and you can expect new updates soon.

We also want to thank to every single guest that visited our site. We are glad that you are with us and we are proud of more than 10000 Unique Visits so far.


Sinbad on DVD
"The Advetures of Sinbad"(both seasons) were released on DVD January 4, 2011
Buy it here!
Valentine's Day!
Merry Christmas
Updates-Recent FanArts are updated in 2K's world gallery and also on our FB page.
World of "Adventures of Sinbad" on Face Book
-Doubar's gallery has some new pictures.
-As some of you already know we opened new gallery with promo pictures. Once again, We really recommend it, there may be some pictures you have never seen
-We opened new area "Downloads". Till now you can find there some soundtracks and intro's movies.
-Maybe some of you already noticed a new form of videos-area. Hope it is more clear for everyone now
We also once again want to invite you to join us and send your creations to us. For more instruction send an e-mail inbid@gazeta.pl or pm after your registration.
Our invitation aslo goes to FanFic writers
-We also created a subpage to Distant Lands - An Adventures of Sinbad RPG forum
Distant Lands
Every story has a beginning
Hi sailors,
Are you enjoying your new adventure?

I want you to know that me and my partner would have never began this adventure if we haven't met on a wonderful RPG forum dedicated to Sinbad as well.
Indeed, the story of 2K has started on DistantLands, a forum where people coming from all over the world share their passion for The adventures of Sinbad, through Videos, graphics, stories...But the most important is the RPG. Already more than 25 members are creating an exlusive Season 3 based on the show. What happened to Maeve? Who is really Bryn? So many questions that were never answered in the show...
DistantLands is also an amazing friendly place, where a lot of links have been created, like the friendship between me and my partner. We both owe so much to that forum.
So if you love Sinbad, and if you're looking for some new adventures, go now to DistantLands and don't loose yourself in your way.

Updates-TiaKisu's latest FanArts
-TiaKisu's new video "Sinbad & Maeve - What If"
-FloFlo's video "Sinbad&Maeve-Meteor shower"
-Video's are is now more orderly. Videos are selected by the authors.
-Inbid's two stories "Family","Mystery of Gumána Sagier"
Happy Halloween Everyone!
Hello !
Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome all of you to the new site entirely dedicated to the Adventures of Sinbad. We were planning to open this site for a long time, to revive this wonderful world on the internet. We also wanted to create a world where the fans, all over the world, could create and share their love for this TV show through fanarts, graphics, videos, fanfiction stories and many more amazing attractions.
As you can see, there's already a lot of things to discover here, including good quality pictures. So we invite you to take a look around, leave comments if you want to.
Besides, all fanarts, videos, fanfictions, that you want to share with us are more than welcome.

So let's set sails, sailors, and let's go to the wonderful journey through the Adventures of Sinbad.


PS: Baddies and friends galleries to come soon. :)
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come check this out: http://www.fanfiction.net
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