Hello !
Posted by floflo185 on October 16 2010 18:46:01
Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome all of you to the new site entirely dedicated to the Adventures of Sinbad. We were planning to open this site for a long time, to revive this wonderful world on the internet. We also wanted to create a world where the fans, all over the world, could create and share their love for this TV show through fanarts, graphics, videos, fanfiction stories and many more amazing attractions.
As you can see, there's already a lot of things to discover here, including good quality pictures. So we invite you to take a look around, leave comments if you want to.
Besides, all fanarts, videos, fanfictions, that you want to share with us are more than welcome.

So let's set sails, sailors, and let's go to the wonderful journey through the Adventures of Sinbad.


PS: Baddies and friends galleries to come soon. :)