Posted by Inbid on June 06 2011 15:17:39
It has been a while since our last updates-info and many things have changed around.

*First of all, in our manu, two new areas showed up:
-The Cargo Hold - it is a place where you can find interviews with actors and some behind-the-scenes stuff. In near future there are gonna be even more attractions.
-Meet the Characters- it is a presentation of the main characters.

*What's more, in AoS with TheSims2, there are some new video and pictures.

*General information about the show has changed form (outlook), just like Our FanVideos

*Moreover, our galleries are updated with new pictures (Promontial Pictures), just like all the new videos.

At the present moment, we are working on many new stuff and you can expect new updates soon.

We also want to thank to every single guest that visited our site. We are glad that you are with us and we are proud of more than 10000 Unique Visits so far.