Every story has a beginning
Posted by floflo185 on November 15 2010 22:17:04
Hi sailors,
Are you enjoying your new adventure?

I want you to know that me and my partner would have never began this adventure if we haven't met on a wonderful RPG forum dedicated to Sinbad as well.
Indeed, the story of 2K has started on DistantLands, a forum where people coming from all over the world share their passion for The adventures of Sinbad, through Videos, graphics, stories...But the most important is the RPG. Already more than 25 members are creating an exlusive Season 3 based on the show. What happened to Maeve? Who is really Bryn? So many questions that were never answered in the show...
DistantLands is also an amazing friendly place, where a lot of links have been created, like the friendship between me and my partner. We both owe so much to that forum.
So if you love Sinbad, and if you're looking for some new adventures, go now to DistantLands and don't loose yourself in your way.