Posted by Inbid on December 12 2010 19:07:02
-Recent FanArts are updated in 2K's world gallery and also on our FB page.
World of "Adventures of Sinbad" on Face Book
-Doubar's gallery has some new pictures.
-As some of you already know we opened new gallery with promo pictures. Once again, We really recommend it, there may be some pictures you have never seen
-We opened new area "Downloads". Till now you can find there some soundtracks and intro's movies.
-Maybe some of you already noticed a new form of videos-area. Hope it is more clear for everyone now
We also once again want to invite you to join us and send your creations to us. For more instruction send an e-mail inbid@gazeta.pl or pm after your registration.
Our invitation aslo goes to FanFic writers
-We also created a subpage to Distant Lands - An Adventures of Sinbad RPG forum
Distant Lands