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Meet The Characters

Sinbad is the captain of the Nomad, and one of the best sailors the world has ever known. He has been raised by his older brother, Doubar, and by his mentor, Master DimDim, after his parents died. After disappearing for 2 years, Sinbad comes back in Baghdad, with no memories of what happened during those 2 years, and with a mysterious rainbow bracelet on his wrist. This is the beginning of his new adventures, with a brand new crew who will soon become his family, and new ennemies, inlcuding the evil Rumina. Sinbad is a beloved captain who would give his life for his crew, he’s always confident and smiling, and he rarely shows his darker side. His love for the sorceress Maeve is obvious, though he refuses to reveal his feeling, afraid of hurting her and still haunted by what happened to his childhood's love, Leah.
Sinbad is played by Zen Gesner


Maeve is an apprentice sorceress, trained by Master DimDim in the Isle of Dawn, before Sinbad and the crew meet her. When the old sorcerer disappeared, Maeve stayed on the Nomad and became a member of the crew. Even if Maeve cares a lot about Sinbad, she never showed her feelings for him. She tried to stay concentrate on her mission: to defeat her greatest enemy Rumina, which will hopefully save her brother, turned into a hawk, and Master DimDim. She was developping her powers day after day, becoming stronger, but, one day, Maeve fell of the ship during a storm and disappeared. We quickly learn that DimDim saved her and decided to keep her safe to protect her from Rumina’s powerful magic.
Maeve is played by Jacqueline Collen.


Doubar is not only Sinbad’s older brother but he’s also the big brother of all the crew. He’s always ready to give his life to save one of his friends. He also brings happiness on board with his laughs and his songs, wihout forgetting his passion for food and drinks.
Doubar is played by George Buza.


The scientist Firouz is an old friend of Sinbad, that’s why he joined him for his adventures. His inventions, from the flying wings to the compass, without forgetting the bicycle, were as surprising as useful . His biggest invention was with no doubts the dynamite sticks which saved the crew many times. Firouz got a crush on one of his collegues, Verda.
Firouz is played by Tim Progosh.


Silent Rongar was introduced to Sinbad by Mustapha, and they both became members of the Nomad’s crew. But Mustapha tragically died during the rescue of the Princess of Baghdad. Rongar decided to stay in the crew anyway, and became one of the most loyal crew member. His skills for knifes throwing were very helpful. We get to know the reason of his unability to talk later on the show. Indeed, Rongar used to be the prince of Bollnah until Ali Rashid cut out his tongue, before banishing him and taking his place on the throne. But thanks to Sinbad and his crew, the Maur will get his revenge.
Rongar is played by Oris Erhuero.


The beautiful and evil Rumina is one of the greatest ennemies of Sinbad and his crew. After Sinbad beheaded her father, the sorcerer Turok, she seeks for revenge but she’s sometimes torned by her feelings for the captain of the Nomad. Rumina is also responsible for Dermott’s curse, which is why Maeve tried to defeat her several times. However, the evil sorceress always managed to escape when the position was not on her favour. One year after Turok’s death, Rumina found on the Devil Scratch, an ally to kill Sinbad and his crew. But they both failed, beaten by the power of the Griffin’s egg. Rumina disappeared after that, problably hidding somewhere until she regained enough strenght to take her revenge once again.
Rumina is played by Julianne Morris.


Bryn is a mysterious sorceress, that Sinbad saved from a monster she had been given to in sacrifice. She became the new member of the crew after Maeve disappeared. The young sorceress doesn’t have any memories of her past but she is wearing a rainbow bracelet, just like Sinbad. As time passed, she tried to control her powers, and developped an ability to communicate with animals, including Dermott. At the end of the show the Devil Scratch told her that she could come from a very strong family of sorcerers, and the best theory is that she could be Rumina’s sister. But the truth of her origins remained a mystery.
Bryn is played by Mariah Shirley.


Dermott is the hawk who followed Maeve since the beginning. Sinbad didn’t understand the link that could bound the sorceress to the hawk but we discovered later that Dermott is none other than Maeve’s brother, turned into a hawk by Rumina. Dermott is a fully member of the crew, ready to help his friends and her sister whenever it’s possible. When Maeve disappeared, Dermott stayed with the Nomad’s crew, hoping to find his sister one day.
Dermott is played by Dermott/Mia



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