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Episode Guide - Season 1

Returning to Bagdad after a mysterious shipwreck two years earlier, Sinbad discovers his homeland in disarray. Greed and black magic now rule his beloved city. Sinbad's protests over this transformation result in his death sentence. While awaiting his execution in the dungeon, Sinbad is joyously reunited with his lost brother and first mate, Doubar. Big in size and spirit, Doubar is the boisterous counterpoint to the dashing Sinbad. When Doubar questions Sinbad about where he's been for the past two years, all Sinbad can remember is waking up recently in a field with an unremovable "rainbow" bracelet around his wrist.

With Sinbad's head on the chopping block, big brother Doubar comes to the rescue. Once again fighting side-by-side, Sinbad and Doubar outwit the executioner. Meanwhile, the evil sorcerer Turok and his spiteful daughter Rumina have made off with Adena, the Prince's bride-to-be. At the urging of his father, the Caliph, Prince Casib reluctantly pardons Sinbad and hireshim to rescue the kidnapped Princess. Before setting sail to Turok's stronghold, The Isle of Tears, Sinbad assembles his crew, which includes an absent minded inventor, Firouz; Rongar, a formidable Moor with a bandoleer of small throwing-daggers and Mustapha, a hot blooded young sailor whose heart is as big as his smile. Joining them for the journey are the Prince and the Grand Vizier Admir, the Prince's treacherous advisor.

Wisely, Sinbad first charts a route to the mysterious Isle of Dawn. There he hopes to locate his master teacher, the great magician Dim-Dim. Sinbad reasons that only Dim-Dim, a noble source of white magic, can tip the scales to overcome Turok's dark powers. Unfortunately, before locating Dim-Dim, Turok intervenes to stop Sinbad's intentions. Suddenly, Sinbad and crew are face-to-face with a raging sea monster summoned from the depths of the sea.....

Guest Stars:
Julianne Morris (Rumina), Gary Reineke (Caliph), Lawrence Bayne (Admir), Juan Chioran (Turok), Ian Tracey (Mustapha), Robin Dunne (Prince Casib)

Having set sail with his new crew on a rescue mission to save Princess Adena from an evil sorcerer's imprisonment, Sinbad must first overcome the sea monster threatening to smash his ship to pieces. Using guile and daring, Sinbad heroically destroys the beast. Sinbad and crew next reach their initial destination - the Isle of Dawn. There, Sinbad reunites with his tutor, the master magician Dim-Dim. He also meets Dim-Dim's apprentice, the beautiful and spirited Maeve. Accompanied by her hawk, Dermott, Maeve proves to be a strong-willed addition to Sinbad's crew.

Not long after the journey resumes, Rongar exposes the Grand Vizier for who he really is -- Turok's sinister accomplice. Upon discovery, the Grand Vizier transforms himself into a reptilian like monster with razor sharp teeth and a deadly, poisonous tail. As the crew battles valiantly against him, it appears that all is lost until Sinbad and the hawk, Dermott, cleverly join forces to slay the beast. The casualties are high, however, as Dim-Dim is cast into another dimension and the brave young sailor Mustapha dies a noble death.

Finally reaching Turok's stronghold, the foreboding Isle of Tears, Sinbad and his crew face the battle of their lives. Turok and his seductive daughter Rumina conjure up an arsenal of weapons determined to thwart the tenacious Sinbad from saving the Princess. Using one of Firouz's inventions, Sinbad launches himself into the air, swooping down and beheading Turok as he rescues the Princess. Though this mission is complete, Sinbad and his crew decide to continue on together, hoping someday one of their adventures will lead them to finding the lost Dim-Dim.

Guest Stars:
Julianne Morris (Rumina), Gary Reineke (Caliph), Lawrence Bayne (Admir/Eblus), Juan Chioran (Turok), Ian Tracey (Mustapha), Robin Dunne (Prince Casib), Wayne Robson (Dim-Dim)

In a seaport bar with his crew, Sinbad hears a cry for help and dashes off to save a young maiden in distress. As he dives into the sea to rescue her, the woman turns into a raging waterspout that captures Sinbad, engulfing him, and dragging him into the depths of the sea. Dermott, Maeve's hawk, watches from above and communicates back to Maeve the trickery he has just seen. The crew returns to their ship and sets sail to search for their captain. Hours later, Sinbad awakens in the lair of Rumina, a powerful sorceress who is the daughter of Turok - an evil sorcerer killed by Sinbad. Sinbad quickly discovers that instead of revenge, Rumina wants to take him as her husband - forever.

While Sinbad makes a clever attempt to escape, his crew sails the seas looking for him, guided by Dermott, who is able to telepathically communicate with Maeve on the ship. Rumina, however captures the hawk, leaving the crew to navigate the water for themselves. In the lair, after refusing to return Rumina's love, Sinbad is tortured and then told of her alternative plan - he is to play a game of life or death in the forest against Goz, a previous love interest of Rumina's who she has transformed into a snarling, towering half-man, half-beast. What happens at the end of the game? Either Sinbad's bones will be returned to Rumina for eternal keeping or he will take Goz's place as her prisoner for the rest of his life. Sinbad is given a slight lead and enters the forest. Almost immediately, he encounters a magical knight dispatched by Rumina, and narrowly avoids his attack. A screaming harpie descends from the sky and is quickly destroyed with a spear Sinbad crafted from a nearby branch.

By now, Goz has caught up with Sinbad. Throughout his continuous chase and physical battle with Goz, Sinbad swings from tree vines and runs into a fiery bubbling forest pool while fighting for his life. When his crew finally reaches the forest, they are quickly captured by Rumina and taken to her lair. Maeve is clearly no match for her overpowering archrival, Rumina, in a struggle of magical strength. Rumina closes in for the kill putting Maeve and the rest of the crew mere moments from their death. Back in the forest, Sinbad finds himself trapped in a deep pit face-to-face with the ferocious Goz and his razor sharp talons. After besting Goz in a fight, Sinbad refuses to kill him, showing the ultimate form of compassion. Rediscovering his humanity at the same time, Goz slowly turns back into the man he was before Rumina transformed him into a beast. Sinbad and Goz team up to rescue Sinbad's crew from Rumina. Before making her escape, the evil sorceress promises her rivals that she will be back.

Guest Stars:
Julianne Morris (Rumina), David Johannson (Goz)

Stuck off the coast of a dark and mysterious island, Sinbad and his crew decide to explore the strange coast in search of fresh water and provisions. Shortly after reaching shore, they stumble upon a garden of incredibly lifelike marble statues. As they admire their beauty, an entourage of armed soldiers and the leader of the island, Vincenzo, who sculpted these works of art, greet Sinbad and the crew. Vincenzo is immediately taken by Maeve's beauty and invites the entire group to stay with him until the tides change. They are escorted to his vast, marble palace. Maeve is clearly smitten with the charming artist, while Sinbad becomes instantly suspicious of his suave demeanor. While bathing before the feast, Maeve is visited by a silent apparition who cries for help. Meanwhile, Sinbad receives a warning from a soldier named Nissam that Maeve is in grave danger. He says that Vincenzo has taken over the island through the use of his magical "art" and there is a hidden "glittering cave" that will prove his story. Before he can say more, he sees a shadow in the window and runs away in terror.

As the crew enjoys a great feast, Sinbad sneaks off to find out more about their mysterious host. He stumbles across the artist's studio and discovers an entire room of statues, including one that resembles the panic stricken soldier, Nissam.

The next morning, as Firouz tinkers with his latest invention, a "blasting powder" made of mineral compounds found on the island, he is recruited by Sinbad to explore the island with Rongar and Doubar in search of the "glittering cave." Maeve is instructed to keep the artist busy while they search the island. After a morning of modeling for the artist, Maeve drinks a magical wine that leaves her in a deep hypnotic daze. On the other side of the island, Sinbad discovers the glittering cave Nissam described. Beyond a magical wall inside the cavern, Sinbad, Doubar and Rongar discover a room filled with marbled statues of soldiers and the island's King and Queen. They realize that Vincenzo has transformed these people into stone and that they must rescue Maeve from the same fate. But the cave has closed in around them. Firouz, with his new invention, creates an explosion to set them free.

With the aid of Firouz' explosive, they cleverly overcome a team of archers and storm the palace. As they race through the palace, they arrive too late -- Vincenzo has already turned Maeve and Dermott into marble statues with his magical sculpting gloves. In anguish, Sinbad defeats the evil sculptor and his friends and the rightful rulers of the Kingdom are free of Vincenzo's sculpting curse.

Guest Stars:
Robert Stewart (Vincenzo), Laura Steed (Queen)

Sinbad and his crew sail to Baronia to do an undisclosed favor for the island's governor, Sinbad's old buddy Kalel. As soon as they reach the shore, Sinbad is immediately attacked by the wide-eyed, wild-man Gort. Trying to avoid the wild man's onslaught, Sinbad acrobatically avoids Gort's huge sword and inadvertently flips him into a deep well to his death.

After Sinbad kills Gort, Kalel welcomes the crew and explains his reason for calling Sinbad to the island. Unbeknownst to Sinbad, he has been chosen as Baronia's representative in the evil warlord Kris Kattah's tournament. Every five years, each island sends a champion to represent his nation in a battle to the death. The ultimate winner faces Kattah's chosen warrior, the unbeaten samurai Tetsu. The winner of that battle gains control of all the islands.

After his initial victory against Gort, Sinbad is thrown into the arena to combat a new adversary: the enormous Cthulu, champion of Retnog. They engage in a manic fight, and Cthulu seems unbeatable as his sheer strength and size overpower Sinbad. Using wits and uncanny athleticism, Sinbad knocks out the giant. Kattah shouts that the match will end only when one of them is dead. Sinbad, however, refuses to kill Cthulu. As Cthulu regains consciousness and mounts another offensive, Tetsu, Kattah's samurai champion, rushes in and kills Cthulu, much to the objection of the other Retnog warriors. To quell their protests, Kattah threatens the cowering warriors with Attila the Hun's very own weapon, the sword of Hades. Blood drips from the bony mouth on the sword's hilt. That evening, Tetsu and Sinbad learn about each other's past and realize they are both rainbow bracelet wearers. Tetsu reveals his lifelong desire to become a sailor. He is honor bound to follow the wishes of his master, Kattah, however, and vows to kill Sinbad in the morning.

At the campfire, Maeve silently devises a plan to neutralize the power of Kattah's sword. In the darkness, she sneaks off to Kattah's tent. Concerned for her safety, Doubar and Rongar follow. At the tent, she uses charm and a little magic to get by the bodyguards. Kattah is clearly taken with her beauty and demonstrates the magical ability of his sword to transform him into an invisible wisp of smoke. The smoke shape of Kattah cackles "no one can kill what doesn't exist." He asks Maeve to join him in ruling the world and lustfully lunges towards her. In the nick of time, Doubar and Rongar crash through the tent and knock out Kattah. They whisk Maeve to safety before they have a chance to steal the magical sword. Back at the campfire, they realize the games are a sham and their only chance of survival would be to destroy Kattah. Firouz and Rongar come up with a plan...

The next morning, Sinbad faces Tetsu in the arena. The crew watches nervously as the two engage in a battle. Using acrobatics and skill, they fight, knowing one of them must die. Sinbad's life and the fate of the are resting on the outcome of this deadly duel. Finally, Sinbad plunges a dagger into Tetsu's chest, killing the Samurai, and pronounces the war games over. Later, on the beach, Sinbad and crew are ready to set sail. Tetsu is with them, very much alive and ready to set sail in his own boat. They all share in Tetsu's delight as Firouz once again demonstrates the retractable blade he invented to fake Tetsu's death.

Just then, Kattah appears with his guards. As he unsheathes his sword, Kattah transforms into the unconquerable, invisible assassin and prepares to deliver his deadly blow. Using Firouz's wind machine, Kattah is blown away. Sinbad tosses the evil sword of Hades into the depths of the sea.

Guest Stars:
Von Flores (Tetsu), Daniel Pawlick (Kalel), Ron Smerozak (Kris Kattah), Matthew Holdenby (Cthulu)

As the well-meaning Firouz completes his new invention, the Ruby-Beamer, Sinbad and the rest of the crew dock the ship at the mysterious island of Corusar. They are met by sinister Admiral Azul, Grand High Lord and Immaculate Protector of Corusar and its people. He has been clandestinely watching as Firouz tests the Ruby-Beamer from the ship and accidentally decimates a forest on dry land. Firouz innocently developed the Ruby-Beamer as a communication tool but after witnessing the dramatic inadvertent demonstration, Admiral Azul now covets it as a weapon of war. The Corusans make Sinbad and his crew welcome, offering them food and lodging and providing Firouz with a well-equipped laboratory much to his delight. Sinbad and Maeve, however, are soon suspicious when they learn that the Ruby-Beamer has been secretly spirited ashore.

From the moment he sets foot on Corusan soil, Firouz is given the red carpet treatment by Admiral Azul. Azul's shameless flattery includes granting Firouz the official title of "Minister of Science." When the beautiful Princess Elila makes her entrance and dotes on Firouz, he is charmed. Sinbad, Maeve, and the rest of the crew watch helplessly as Firouz falls under the spell of Princess Elila, Admiral Azul, and the citizens of Corusar.

At the close of the feast, an alarm sounds signaling an attack from the Marzacks, a trio of fearsome seven foot tall creatures cloaked completely in armor, leather, and sharp metal spikes. Try as they might to find a weak spot on the Marzack physique, Sinbad's crew is soon forced to retreat.

While Princess Elila dazzles Firouz, Sinbad, and Maeve set out to investigate the mysterious Marzacks. Sinbad sends Maeve, Doubar, and Dermott on an expedition to the land of Marzoss, home of the Marzacks while he stays behind and futily tries to keep love struck Firouz's feet on the ground. Princess Elila now has Firouz in the palm of her hand and has convinced him that he and his powerful invention are all that can save Coursar from certain peril. She whispers words of seductive encouragement while Firouz transcribes the secrets of the Ruby-Beamer.

Maeve and company return and report that there are no Marzacks on Marzoss. Firouz has finally completed blueprints for the Ruby-Beamer and Princess Elila and Admiral Azul decide the time has come to dispose of him. While Firouz works in the laboratory, Princess Elila sneaks in concealing a large dagger and an evil smile. Having learned the Marzacks are machines controlled by Admiral Azul, Sinbad snatches the control from him, turning the machines on their master. As Admiral Azul and the Marzacks plummet to their deaths, Sinbad arrives in the laboratory just in time to save Firouz from Princess Elila's dagger. Although the grateful citizens want to elect Firouz as their new Grand High Lord, the inventor would rather stay aboard The Nomad as a "simple man of science."

Guest Stars:
Geza Kovacs (Admiral Azul), Lisa Melman (Princess Elila), Graham Clarke (Belden), Ronald France (Puzz)

While sailing in a violent storm, Sinbad's ship is greatly damaged and he is forced to stop at a deserted dockside with his crew. Wandering into the strange town called "The City of Mist," Sinbad enters a tavern where he meets its owners Bedoura and Ismail. They engage him in a game of cards, in which he wins "The Jewel of the City" - Serendib, a fifteen year old girl with magical powers. As Sinbad leads her to his ship, they encounter a mysterious fog which transforms into Demon Guards, but she uses her magical rune stone to dispose of them. The duo meet up with Sinbad's crew, and they hike to the forest in search of wood to repair the boat.

The sextet wander through the town, but soon discover that they are walking in circles. They learn that "The streets of Mist lead only to themselves." In an attempt to escape the city, they enter a passageway beneath the streets, hoping that the tunnels will lead them to the forest. Unfortunately, they encounter fighting skeletons and narrowly escape when Serendib creates an explosion with her magical runes causing the skeletons to disintegrate.

Back in the town, the evil sorceress Rumina appears and after learning that Serendib is with Sinbad, sends a magical dustdevil to fetch the girl. The dustdevil grabs Serendib, snatching her away. Firouz grabs her bag of magic and holds it for safe keeping. Fearing for Serendib's life, the group goes after the her. In the meantime, Serendib is brought to Rumina but she refuses to join forces with the evil sorceress.

Emerging from the tunnel oddly in the same spot where they entered, the group discovers a mirror in the magical bag. Before they can find out what it's for, they are attacked by multiple versions of an armed Ismail, Bedoura and a horde of town dwellers. After a long fight, Sinbad uses the mirror to discover that the attackers are only illusions. He knocks out the real fighters and the others disappear. Rumina arrives with Serendib in her grasp. To save Serendib's life, Sinbad offers himself in exchange for the girl's freedom. Rumina quickly agrees, but sweeps Sinbad into the air and creates an earthquake to destroy the town when Sinbad tries to go back on his word.

In a magical duel, Maeve and Serendib combine their powers to defeat Rumina, saving Sinbad. Rumina decides to leave the city, but vows to get even with her rivals in the future. Sinbad and crew bid Serendib farewell and return to the The Nomad to resume their adventures.

Guest Stars:
Julianne Morris (Rumina), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Serendib), Jeroen Kranenburg (Ismail), Rubyn Smith (Bedoura)

During a stop in a seaside town, Maeve, Dermott, and a local boy take a walk through a field. Suddenly, the trio is attacked by a band of Norsemen. Believing that the Norse god Thor has sent her as a tribute for the evil Gilling Demon, they capture Maeve and drag her to the "Forsakened Forest". The local boy runs back to Sinbad's encampment and tells the men what has happened. With Dermott's agitated confirmation, they realize that Maeve is in grave danger. Guided by Dermott, the crew enters the "Forsakened Forest" determined to save Maeve.

Maeve attempts to escape by creating a huge fireball. As the men duck and barely escape the explosion, their leader, Sven, orders his second in command, Eyolf to bind her hands with chains. A bond between Eyolf and Maeve develops as she questions him about her destiny. She then learns about the impending sacrifice. Eyolf's blind faith in Sven and their god Thor is shaken as he gets to know and care for the feisty Maeve. Even Sven is touched by her compelling arguments for her right to life and freedom. Yet their fear of the Gilling Demon lead them towards his cave.

Deep within the wild forest, Doubar, Rongar, and Firouz are captured by the large poisonous vines of a "Deathtrap Plant", but thanks to Sinbad's sword dexterity, they are set free and continue their search. Soon after, Sinbad is caught in a large spider's web. As the gigantic spider returns to dine on its prey, Rongar uses the dirks from his bandoleer to sever the strands of the web and allow his Captain to narrowly escape.

Through the help of Dermott's telepathic communications with Maeve, Sinbad and his crew reach the Norsemen, only to discover that she has already been brought into the Gilling Demon's dark and smoky cave to meet her doom. Bound and gagged, Maeve is left alone on the rock surface to become a human sacrifice. After fighting off a huge crab, Sinbad and the men race towards the cave to rescue Maeve. Although the combined efforts of the crew and Norseman defeat the Gilling Demon, Sven takes a fatal blow during the battle. Eyolf becomes the Norsemen's new leader. Sinbad and crew promise to visit his crew and him if they ever sail to Norway.

Guest Stars:
Bret Hart (Eyolf), Robin Smith (Sven)

The Caliph of Baghdad has sent Sinbad and his crew to visit Omar of Basra, "The Savage Sultan," to retrieve a magical Egyptian Obelisk that gives unlimited power to whomever owns it. Maeve is excited to go to Basra because she has heard that a woman who studied with her mentor, Dim-Dim lives there. She hopes that this woman can lead her closer to Dim-Dim. The crew arrives bringing gifts to Omar, including many of Firouz's inventions. In return, Omar gives Sinbad a necklace with a gold medal to wear while in Basra, which gives Sinbad an honored status and allows him to be the only one with permission to enter the room holding the sacred Obelisk. In the meantime, Maeve has found Dim-Dim's partner, Cairpra, whose lesson for Maeve is that a strong heart and unwavering belief in your own power is the only way to defeat dark magic.

Sinbad is not the only one with eyes on the Obelisk. The evil sorceress, Rumina, has plans to steal magical relic, as well as to make another attempt at capturing Sinbad's heart. She rents a room in the "Witchlight District" of Basra and watches Sinbad through a magical tray, learning everything she needs to know about gaining access to the Obelisk. She heads to Omar's palace and pretends to be a belly dancer at a dinner party. Sinbad goes out into the garden to confront her and, without warning, she spills a handful of sparkling dust on Sinbad and he shrinks him to miniature size. Rumina takes the medallion and puts Sinbad in her pocket.

From Cairpra, Maeve learns that she is the only one who can undo Rumina's black magic, but that good magic is harder to learn than evil. Meanwhile, back in her room, Rumina places Sinbad in a bottle, puts the medallion around her neck and transforms herself into Sinbad's double. Rumina returns to the palace posing as Sinbad, causes havoc at breakfast. She infuriates Omar enough to want to arrest him and his crew. After a scuffle with the guards, "Sinbad" insults Doubar and runs away. The guards immediately capture the stunned crew.

Back in her room, Rumina tries to seduce Sinbad by taking a bath, but he is too busy trying to escape to notice. He causes his bottle to crash to the floor but in a race to safety, he is attacked by Cicero, Rumina's cat. Before he can get away, Maeve arrives at the door looking for her hawk, Dermott. Rumina transforms again into Sinbad and tries to seduce her. When Maeve resists, she manages to cast a spell on Maeve, making her fall to the floor unconscious. Before Rumina can cause any more damage, Cairpra arrives, magically chains Rumina to the wall and leaves with Maeve and the tiny Sinbad. However, Rumina is still determined to obtain the Obelisk, wanting to ruin Sinbad's reputation in the process. Using seduction, the fully restored Sinbad is able unmask Rumina's treachery, clearing his good name. Later, the crew learn Cairpra is Dim-Dim's wife.

Guest Stars:
Julianne Morris (Rumina), Brian O'Shaughnessy (Omar), Adrienne Pearce (Cairpra), Christo Loots (Advisor #1), Pete Butler (Advisor #2)

Sinbad and his crew take a break from sailing and relax on the beach. Doubar, Firouz and Rongar take a walk, but are soon attacked by a group of sinister Bedouins, who capture Rongar and sell him to Scratch, a mysterious slaver. Dermott communicates the imminent danger to Sinbad, who races off to help. Doubar and Firouz attack the Bedouin horsemen and force them to reveal Scratch's whereabouts. Sinbad joins them and they head off to Scratch's hideaway in the ruins near the forest.

When the door of the crumbling sandstone structure swings open, the three men step into another world, a dark and eerie cavern. Inside, they find Rongar tied to a large wooden "X." As they untie him, Scratch's voice condemns the crew to death, but a female voice tells him to go away. The men follow the voice to find the voluptuous Sudra, who is chained up next to a human skull resting on a pillar. She explains that in order for her to be freed, they must complete the mission from Dim-Dim which she had begun - to search for and return the three other skulls, placing them on the remaining pillars. To do this, they will have to travel through portals that twist through time and space to lands no mortals have returned from alive.

Splitting into pairs, they each enter separate portals. Sinbad and Rongar enter a doorway and land on a bleak and craggy moor. Instantly, they are forced to battle baton-wielding Ninjas, followed by an invisible warrior whose power comes from a magical helmet. Sinbad wins, takes the skull, as well as the helmet and he and Rongar escape through a magical doorway. Meanwhile, Doubar and Firouz have entered into a thickly wooded marshland. Sensing this Scratch is no mere slaver, Doubar tells Firouz that in the western lands Scratch is the name of the devil himself. He then recalls a pivitol moment from his childhood.

Sinbad was a toddler. Their parents were sailing to the west. A storm capsized the ship, taking the brother's parents down with it. As he tried to keep his little brother afloat on a piece of deck, Doubar kept hearing a demonic voice tell him to save himself and let the devil have the child. Doubar is sure that the demonic voice belonged to Scratch. As Doubar finishes his recollection, Firouz and him encounter a pit of slithering cobras guarded by two Neanderthal-like bog men with hatchets and spears. Firouz diverts the bog men's attention, while Doubar uses a branch to extract the skull from the pit and elude the giant snake protecting it. After Doubar dispatches the bog men with a large boulder, the two escape through the next open door.

As the pairs meet up by a lake, the men realize that the four skulls represent the four elements that Alchemists believe can unleash the greatest magic in the Earth, when combined with a fifth element - the power of good or evil. They spot the last skull on a monument by the lake. Overhearing this conversation, Olokun, once a powerful water god who wishes to regain his godly status calls upon an enormous sea serpent to guard the skull. However, Doubar puts on the magic helmet, becomes invisible, climbs onto the monument and tosses the skull to Sinbad, who escapes through a doorway with Rongar and Firouz. Doubar is left behind.

As the grief stricken trio approaches Sudra, she turns into Scratch, the devil himself, grabs Firouz and threatens to kill him unless they turn over the skulls, which would give him the ultimate power of evil. Sinbad is forced to make a choice that will either destroy the world or leave him dead. Just when all hope is thought lost, Doubar appears, taking off the helmet of invisibility that protected him from the monster. Sinbad, Firouz, Rongar and him destroy the four skulls. They escape the cavern as it collapses, keeping Scratch's quest for ultimate power at bey for now.

Guest Stars:
Tom Caprari (Scratch), Ashley Hayden (Sudra), Farouk Valley-Omar (Ackram), Danny Keogh (Olokun)

Sinbad and his crew are trapped in the doldrums, running low on food and water. Suddenly, a ghostly wind fills their sails and speeds them off to the land of Arborea. As the ship comes aground, they hear a battle in it's final stages and a bloody warrior climbs aboard and warns them that the land is haunted by the "walking dead".

Forced to go ashore for supplies, they are attacked by a band of mounted warriors leaving for battle. Sinbad and his crew successfully resist the men and Swart, their captain, calls for a retreat because they have already completed their mission of killing Prince Xander, heir to the throne of Arborea. However, as they leave, Maeve finds the Prince hiding in the forest. He explains that his father, King Alderon, was betrayed and killed by his trusted advisor, Drax, who, on Alderon's death bed, swore that he wouldn't rest until Alderon's heir was dead. Since then, Drax has sleeplessly stalked the young prince and has taken Xander's mother, the Queen, prisoner in the castle. Prince Xander's mission is to kill Drax and save his mother. Sinbad and his crew agree to help him.

On their way to the castle, Sinbad notices some strange things about Xander - he won't let anyone touch him, dripping blood from one of his wounds quickly disappears and he can communicate telepathically with Dermott. Meanwhile, Drax, by means of his wizard, discovers that Prince Xander is still alive. Enraged, Drax sends Swart and his men to attack Sinbad and his group, hoping to kill Xander. Firouz scares them off with a "ghost" made of branches and tent material. Drax then sets a trap for Xander at the castle and waits. He chains the Queen to the tower ceiling by her wrists and rigs a crossbow with its arrow aimed at her heart. The rope tied to the trigger rests in his hands and when she refuses to marry him, he prepares to kill her.

Just before the group reaches the castle, Maeve follows Xander into the forest and discovers that he is not really alive, but is rather one of the "walking dead" the bloody warrior had told them about back on ship. She agrees to keep his secret because if Drax realizes that he is really dead, his mother is doomed and so is the kingdom. As they rejoin the group, the court wizard, no friend of the evil Drax, warns them of his trap. They head into a secret tunnel to the castle courtyard.

With the help of more of the "walking dead", the crew defeat the evil Drax. With Arborea safe and the Queen soon to give birth to a new heir, Xander bids farewell to the others and joins his father in the afterlife.

Guest Stars:
Jack Langedijk (Drax), Christopher Duncan (Xander), Ghram Weir (Swart), John Springett (Tiresias)

As Sinbad and his crew come ashore to sell a load of cargo, a villager hands Sinbad a small bundle containing an unsigned note asking him for help, a map to the village on a nearby island and Dim-Dim's teaching stone. Sinbad shares the information with Maeve and Doubar, who each have a memory of their student days with Dim-Dim when they hold the stone. Although Dim-Dim has not written the note himself, they fear for his safety and sail off to help him.

Landing on the island, they hike toward the village, passing the ruins of the East Village, a hamlet that was thriving when Firouz visited just two years ago. When they arrive at their destination, the villagers are hostile towards them, but the kind Milasco greets them and urges the rest of the people to allow Sinbad and the crew to stay in the city. Sinbad is soon approached by the lovely young Casendra, who hopes that Sinbad knows of a cure for her dying father. Upon examination, the man turns gray and disappears. Casendra tells Sinbad that several of the villagers have disappeared from the same mysterious malady. Meanwhile, Firouz picks up Dim-Dim's teaching stone and has a memory of learning from Dim-Dim, but Firouz was never one of his students. Sinbad realizes that the stone must have been enchanted with Dim-Dim's memories in order to lure them to the island, but cannot figure out why.

The villagers, led by the hot-headed Belkor, engage Sinbad and his crew in a fight but Milasco risks his life to save Sinbad. It is revealed that the villagers believe that Sinbad has been sent to destroy the village so that the plague will not spread elsewhere. Maeve explains that it is not a plague, but rather a magical spell. As Sinbad and his crew decide to leave, they encounter an invisible magical wall, which has trapped the villagers since the "plague" began a few days ago. Sending an arrow over the wall, Sinbad learns that it is 50 feet tall. Maeve tries to breach it using her magic spell, but is unsuccessful and is then mysteriously attacked by falling branches. Firouz tests the wall by catapulting a barrel of rocks over it, only to find that the wall has grown taller. Dermott flies high enough to scale the wall, but turns gray and vanishes. They deduce that someone or something must control the wall.

Distraught over Dermott's disappearance, Maeve talks to a squirrel who tells her that the curse is actually a creature. She and Sinbad remember Dim-Dim telling them about the Vorgon, a creature that drains the life essence from others just before they vanish. In Dim-Dim's book of magic, Maeve learns that the Vorgon in its own form must remain in the darkness to survive. It has lived for centuries, passing from one location to another masked in a human host, and in this way can live forever. They also learn that only when the last member of the village was drained of life would the village die completely. Since not all of the villagers had disappeared, they conclude that the rest must still be alive in another realm and could be saved. Maeve conjures up a portal to this realm and sees the departed villagers, including Dermott and Rongar, wandering. Since the only way to break the spell they are trapped in is to kill the one how has cast it, Maeve and Sinbad decide to find and kill the Vorgon. In the course of their quest, the rest of the villagers, and ultimately Maeve, Firouz and Doubar disappear, leaving Sinbad alone to battle the evil Vorgon.

If the Vorgon conquers Sinbad and inhabits his body, he will have unlimited access to any port in the world. Alone in the village with the monster, Sinbad lures it over to Firouz's catapult. He then launches the evil Vorgon into the sky where it combusts as the rising sun scorches it. The villagers and Sinbad's crew reappear.

Guest Stars:
Dennis O'Connor (Milasco), Gavin Van Der Bergh (Belkor), Bianca Amato (Casendra), Anthony Bishop (Traxis)

In her cabin on board the Nomad, Maeve repeats a spell to contact Dim-Dim until finally her magic is strong enough to conjure his presence and his voice for just a moment. Before he fades away, he tells her the ship is near his friend in the Kingdom of Mirhago. Then Maeve's book of Dim-Dim's teachings on magic floats across her cabin and falls open to a page about "Dinar of Mirhago, the truest of all who practice the art of white magic." Maeve insists, and Sinbad agrees, that the ship head for Mirhago.

Once in Mirhago they find the Kingdom under the control of Zabtut, the cruel Royal Protector, who rules on behalf of the young King. Zabtut's greedy tax collector, Faha, exacts such unjust payment from the villagers that they are on the verge of open rebellion. When Sinbad and the crew witness Faha's vicious treatment of Bakaar, an innocent citizen, and his two sons, Abu and the cheeky 13-year-old Sali, they step in and defend them against Faha and his men. Having seen Sinbad's ship in the harbor, Zabtut hastily arrives on the scene and greets the famous Sinbad with flattery and curiousity. When Sinbad asks about the magician Dinar, Zabtut tells them that Dinar is dead. Maeve believes this cannot be right, as her sensing of Dinar's presence tells her otherwise, so Sinbad and his crew follow Maeve in her search for Dinar.

That night in the forest, hidden from view, Sinbad and his friends watch as three hooded boys on magical flying carpets swoop down on Faha and his men in their cart, stealing their bags of taxed goods. This confirms Maeve's belief that Dinar is alive, as no one else could have enchanted the carpets to fly for the boys. When his hood flies off during the raid, Sinbad sees that the leader of the boys is Sali. Sali should be able to lead them to Dinar.

Meanwhile, Zabtut has the young King locked within the castle gates, assuring him it is for his own protection from the ungrateful citizens. But the King is growing suspicious of Zabtut and Faha's methods. Hidden in the room, he overhears Faha reporting to Zabtut on the evening's ambush. Zabtut realizes that Dinar must be alive and that Sali is the key to finding him. But first Sinbad must be captured if they are to get to Sali without Sinbad protecting him. He sends Faha and his men to apprehend Sinbad and the crew.

When Faha and his men trap Sinbad and his crew, they escape with the help of Bakkar and hide in a cellar under Bakkar's house. Later, Faha sets a trap and captures Sali in a large net. Back at Bakkar's house, Abu and his friend tearfully explain to Bakkar, Sinbad and the crew what has happened to Sali. Abu admits that Dinar is alive and has been helping the boys.

When Abu takes Bakkar, Sinbad, Maeve and the others to Dinar's hut, they find it empty. Guessing that Dinar has gone to the castle to free Sali, they too set out for the castle. Meanwhile in the castle dungeon, Zabtut and Faha coerce Sali in hopes that he will tell them of Dinar's whereabouts. The King sneaks into the room and, for the first time, sees Zabtut acting out his cruelty, and to a boy no older than the King himself! When the King orders Zabtut to stop, Zabtut brutally defies the young King. Suddenly Dinar magically appears in the room in the midst of a gust of wind and offers to give himself up and stop his magic in exchange for Sali's freedom. But Zabtut captures the frail, old Dinar and leads him off to the throne room. Now that he's got Dinar, Zabtut wants to force him to do magic for him. The King is left alone in the dungeon with Sali, still in his cell. Sali convinces the frightened young King to go to Bakkar's house, find Sinbad, and get his help in overthrowing Zabtut and recovering his power.

When the King arrives at Bakkar's house, he finds the elders of the community gathered with Sinbad trying to persuade him to lead them in a revolt against Zabtut. Sinbad is reluctant to lead these untrained and shabbily-armed men into battle against the Royal Protector's warriors. But when Faha and a group of soldiers arrive in pursuit of the King, Sinbad agrees to face the warriors while the King and Abu escape. Bakkar and the elders take the King's talisman in order to raise an army of citizens. The first ragtag band of men arrive on the scene just as Sinbad and his crew have been cornered by Faha's men. Outnumbering the soldiers, Bakkar's men force Faha to give up the fight.

Sinbad, his crew and the ever-increasing horde of peasants storm the castle gates and make their way first to the dungeon to free Sali and then to the throne room. There they find Zabtut trying to force Dinar to do magic for him. The exhausted Dinar has been seriously weakened by Zabtut's brutality and sits slumped in the corner surrounded by Zabtut's guards. Looking out the window, Zabtut sees hundreds of Mirhago's citizens surrounding the castle. His only hope is to kill Sinbad and then to scatter the leaderless men. In the sword fight that follows, however, Sinbad, his crew and the peasants defeat all the soldiers but Zabtut. At the last moment Zabtut grabs Sali and holds a knife to his throat until Dinar reluctantly agrees to enchant a carpet for Sinbad to pursue Zabtut. In a duel in the sky, Sinbad finally knocks Zabtut off his carpet to his death. Taking his final breath in Maeve's arms, Dinar tells Maeve that they will find Dim-Dim in "a place impossible to find without bees and daffodils." And then, leaving the baffled Maeve behind, he disappears.

With Zabtut gone, the King is left to lead his people. He gives Sinbad enough goods to re-supply his ship and returns the rest of the riches that Zabtut accumulated to the peasants. Sinbad sails off, still trusting that one day they will find Dim-Dim.

Guest Stars:
Kenny Vadas (Sali), Frantz Dobrowski (Faha), John Carson (Dinar), James Ryan (Bakkar), Nicholas Pretorius (Abu), Jack Robinson (King)

Sinbad and his crew arrive at the Lake Isle of Leopold in time to ensure that Princess Gaia reaches her 18th birthday without falling prey to a mortal spell cast on her by the evil Ghoul Vatek.

As Sinbad, Maeve, and the rest of the crew on The Nomad near port on the Isle of Leopold, they see a mass of black smoke drawing closer and closer and a magical burning substance on the surface on the water which threatens to engulf the ship in flames. Years before, Maeve was warned by Dim-Dim about Vatek the Ghoul -- the dark force lurking on the Isle of Leopold -- and Maeve suspects the fire is his handiwork. Maeve conjures a gale force wind to fill the sails of The Nomad and carry the crew out of harms way. The crew has traveled to Leopold to honor an old request of Dim-Dim's that they attend the 18th birthday party of Princess Gaia.

King Shadbush's advisor, Malicut, tells him that the king's daughter Princess Gaia has returned to Leopold after being in hiding for many years. Many years ago, King Shadbush arranged a marriage between Gaia and the richest citizen in his kingdom, Vatek, but before the wedding King Shadbush became wise to Vatek's practice of evil sorcery and he broke the engagement. In retaliation, Vatek put a curse on Gaia that would last until her 18th birthday. But Gaia has returned to Leopold a day early and although King Shadbush is happy to see his beloved daughter, he is worried about the ramifications of her early return. When Sinbad and his crew arrive at Shadbush's court, the king implores them to help keep his daughter safe for the next twenty-four hours. In the middle of their meeting, Vatek's evil army of "Cudgelmen" storm the castle wielding sticks. Sinbad and crew ward off the Cudgelmen but not before they steal a protective talisman from around Gaia's neck. The talisman was given to her by Dim-Dim and without it she falls instantly ill with deathly fever and collapses into her father's arms.

Sinbad, Maeve, Doubar, and Rongar go in search of Vatek and Gaia's talisman, leaving behind Malicut and Firouz to nurse Gaia. Appalled at the ineffective methods Malicut is using in Gaia's care, Firouz goes to gather medicinal herbs. While he is searching, he spies oil bubbling from the ground. As he leans over to take a closer look, Cudgelmen hit him over the head and take him to Vatek's dungeon. Vatek tells Firouz that he plans to do away with Sinbad and the crew and then torture Firouz to death.

Meanwhile, Sinbad and crew journey through the Kingdom of Leopold and see the results of Vatek's greed. The citizens are impoverished and water, although plentiful on the island, is regulated by Vatek -- the citizens are literally dying of thirst. The crew meets Sariya, a beautiful gypsy who rises to their challenge of standing up to Vatek. To demonstrate how acute the water situation is, Sariya takes Sinbad and his crew to an old well and they attempt to draw water. One of Vatek's minions, a huge ogress formed from water, rises out of the well and threatens to suck the crew into her vortex. Sinbad and crew topple the stones at the top of the well and separate the water ogress from her water source and she collapses and disperses. Water now runs freely from the well and the grateful villagers run to collect it. Sariya prophesies Vatek's wrath when he finds out about the free water. Maeve eyes Sariya distrustfully but realizes that she is the only hope they have of finding Vatek and the talisman.

Vatek's raven warns Vatek of Sinbad's approach and he sends the bird out to intercept and kill them. Sinbad and crew hear loud cawing in the trees and while they are trying to find the source, Sariya runs off to "scout ahead." When they find the raven, it has magically grown to a monstrous size and it tries to kill the crew. Sinbad and the crew ward off the raven with their weapons and Doubar finally wounds it with his dirk. The bird retreats. During the battle, Dermott followed Sariya to Vatek's hideaway and has now returned to Maeve telling her that Vatek's lair lies in the direction of the black smoke. The group heads in that direction and they find the source of the black smoke is Vatek's primitive oil refinery.

As Sinbad and his crew survey the refinery, Sariya appears and explains that what they are looking at is what Vatek calls "The Cleanser." Vatek uses the island's water to make steam and "clean" the oil on the island for use in lamps and for international sale. As Sariya speaks, the Cudgelmen surround and attack Sinbad and his crew. In the battle, a brassier is knocked over and a fire breaks out and rapidly spreads toward "The Cleanser." The Cudgelmen flee in fear and Sariya warns Sinbad and his crew about the impending explosion. They retreat to a safe distance and watch the structure as it explodes. Sariya admits to Sinbad that she had in fact been working for Vatek but has had a change of heart after seeing Sinbad's bravery and noble ways. She realizes that Sinbad is the only one who can free the island from Vatek and his horrible oppression. During the Cudgelmen attack, Sariya snuck into Vatek's house and retrieved Gaia's talisman. After her confession, she hands it to Sinbad and leads them to a secret tunnel back to the castle where they find and free Firouz.

Shortly before midnight Malicut and King Shadbush are standing watch by Gaia's bedside when Malicut magically transforms himself into Vatek, his true identity. Vatek triumphantly tells King Shadbush that he has stolen all of his land and possessions and is now going to kill Princess Gaia right before the King's eyes. Sariya, Sinbad and Sinbad's crew arrive and do battle with Vatek. But they are no match for Vatek's powers. As the life begins to fade from Princess Gaia's eyes, Sinbad despertely wields his sword into Vatek's chest and kills him. Gaia is finally free.

Guest Stars:
Andrew Scorer (Malicut/Vatek), Tesse Jubber (Princess Gaia), Natasha Sutherland (Sariya), Andre Roothman (King Shadbush)

While Sinbad and his crew are relaxing on the beach, they are attacked by a small group of thugs that they easily fend off. While Sinbad and his crew regroup, a man named Bellamur comes out from behind a hill and introduces himself. Legendary on the high seas as the warrior who defeated the Griffin or Grief and led the revolt against Singa the Tyrant, Bellamur is now a wealthy trader. He has sought Sinbad to enlist his help in the recovery of his wife Jial, who has been kidnapped by the bandit Turhan. Sinbad is surprised to hear that Turhan is behind the kidnapping because, although he is a rogue and rival, he has always been a fair opponent. According to Bellamur, the thugs who attacked Sinbad and crew on the beach were sent by Turhan to keep Bellamur and Sinbad apart. Bellamur produces an ancient book of magic, a map and other magical articles from a bag and promises the group a reward if they will help him. Maeve is certain her magic is not strong enough to find the Valley of Colossus and battle the giant Colossus rock monster but Bellamur expresses confidence in their abilities. The group sets off.

Using Bellamur's map, the group soon finds themselves just outside the Valley of the Colossus. They fight off a group of Turhan's men and use Bellamur's magical potion to crack the rock wall and enter the Valley. Once inside, the group is chased by the giant monster Colossus who is just about to crush them when Maeve yells "Stop!" and surprisingly the monster freezes. They stealthily proceed until they are close to Turhan's camp and wait for nightfall.

Once it is dark, Firouz and Rongar cover Sinbad and Doubar as they proceed to the building holding Jial and peer through the window. Turhan and Jial are locked in a steamy embrace and Sinbad and Doubar are certain Turhan must have her under his spell. Firouz creates an explosion to distract Turhan while Sinbad and Doubar grab Jial. To their surprise, she protests and they must gag her and use force to remove her from Turhan's house. While his crew runs off with Jial, Sinbad duels with Turhan who proclaims throughout the duel that Jial belongs with him. Doubar hits Turhan over the head, temporarily knocking him out, and Sinbad retreats with Jial and his men through an underground tunnel feeling uneasy about the entire ordeal.

Soon revived, Turhan sets off through the tunnel after Sinbad and Jial. Sinbad lags behind to hold him off. The others reach the end of the tunnel and light dynamite around the tunnel entrance. Sinbad and Turhan duel and Turhan convinces Sinbad that he and Jial are in love just as the dynamite explodes and traps him and Sinbad in the caved-in tunnel. After the explosion, Bellamur and the same six thugs who attacked Sinbad at the beach appear and disarm and tie up Doubar and the others. They grab Jial who kicks and screams that she hates Bellamur. Bellamur "subdues" her and proudly tells Maeve that he was the one who subdued Colossus using magic he purchased at great expense to protect Sinbad and his crew. Bellamur departs with Jial and leaves behind an ugly poisonous lizard to guard Doubar and the rest of the crew. The group realizes that they have been tricked.

Just as the poisonous lizard is poised to bit Maeve, Sinbad appears and flicks him away with his sword. Turhan has won Sinbad's trust and has led him out of the caved tunnel through a secret passage. All together again, Sinbad and his crew together with Turhan set off to find Jial and Bellamur - the man she has been tricked into marrying. Once on the Valley floor, the reanimated Colossus rock monster pursues them. Sinbad asks for Maeve's help but she tells him about Bellamur's story about his magic. She sends her magical power into Colossus' knee freezing it and collapsing him face forward. The group escapes.

Meanwhile, Bellamur has forced Jial to watch the Colossus vs. Sinbad and Turhan battle from a high hill. Turhan sees her and quickly starts up the hill with Sinbad and his crew close behind. Bellamur shoots Turhan in the leg with an arrow but Turhan is determined and presses on. Moments later, Bellamur is killed by Jial as he tries to knife Turhan. In the meantime, the crew destroy the Colossus. Later, as the crew bid him farewell, Turhan reveals that he is giving up his outlaw ways and plans to settle down with Jial to start a family.

Guest Stars:
Mark Dymond (Turhan), Talia Rogers (Jial), David Mellur (Bellamur)

Sinbad and his crew arrive in the land of Linopia on the "Day of Punishment" just as the magistrate, Lermon, and the fanatical priests of the "Temple of the Eye of Kratos," are about to carry out an execution. Sinbad and Doubar are shocked when they recognize the prisoner as the beautiful pirate-queen Talia, Sinbad's ex-lover. Lunging into battle with the guards, Sinbad and crew free Talia.

Sinbad agrees to help Talia uncover the priest's treachery and liberate the people of Linopia. They disguise themselves as pilgrims and enter the priest's temple. Once inside, the High Priest announces that they may return in the morning to leave their offerings and to view the "Eye" and, in the meantime, they may witness the gods' punishment of a thief who tried to steal the "Eye of Kratos." A giant spider descends into the cage and devours the thief. Realizing that the "Eye" is the instrument of fear the priests use to keep their power, Sinbad and the others vow to destroy it.

At the temple the next day, Sinbad and the others are lead to the room housing the "Eye." The High Priest announces that only the perfectly pure of spirit can open the door and calls for the Temple Virgin. With her gentle touch, the doors swing open and the others enter the room. The Priest warns them not to look directly into the "Eye." In the middle of the chamber, there is a huge statue of a god holding over his head what appears to be a large blinding light source. With a colored glass supplied by Firouz, Sinbad is able to see that the "Eye" is a melon-sized diamond that is reflecting the morning light through a slit in the ceiling. As they are led out of the temple, Talia stays behind. Returning for her, Sinbad slips into the room just before the doors bolt behind them.

While trying to grab a jeweled sword, Talia immediately is swept up in a booby-trap that leaves her dangling by her foot from the roof. Under attack by the guards, Sinbad and Talia (still dangling from the roof) fight them off. Sinbad finally cuts her down, but not before a huge net descends upon them. The Priest condemns them to death by the giant spider. They are caged above the pit and left until morning. Dermott, who has witnessed the entire event, flies in through the roof. Talia gives Dermott a map to the temple and Sinbad tells him to get the crew.

Late that night, Doubar and the rest of the crew follow the map, avoiding several traps along the way, and reach the room where Talia and Sinbad are held. Rongar expertly throws a rope to the cage, and is able to move the cage close enough for Doubar to toss Sinbad a crowbar to pry open the door. As the spider descends towards the cage, Sinbad feverishly tries to open the door. Once opened, Talia and Sinbad slide down the rope with the spider in close pursuit. Just as Sinbad touches the ground, Maeve throws a fireball at the rope holding the cage. As the cage tumbles into the pit, the spider lands on a spike. Rongar launches an arrow with a grappling hook and rope into position above the altar. Sinbad swings on the rope and grabs the diamond from the statue's hand just as the rays of the sun penetrate the room.

Lermon learns what has happened and rushes to the High Priest's bed chamber, interrupting a tryst between between the "holy man" and his "temple virgin." They quickly form an army of acolytes to capture the thieves. Back at the temple, Talia, Sinbad and the crew fight back the guards to the outer doors. On the temple steps, Talia suddenly holds her sword to Sinbad's throat, demanding the diamond. Lermon, the High Priest, the Temple Virgin, and the acolytes all arrive. Sinbad and Talia put their differences aside to defeat Lermon and the acolytes. When Talia and the High Priest engage in a stuggle over the "Eye", it breaks into pieces, none of which are real diamonds. Later, as she bids the crew fraewell, Talia contemplates starting an "honest" life.

Guest Stars:
Lisa Howard (Talia), Greg Latter (Lermon), Marius Weyers (High Priest), Lisa Higgs (Temple Virgin)

Having seen what he thinks is a ship going aground in the night, Sinbad hastily guides his ship to an island off the coast of Basra. Once ashore, they come across fragments of a ship bearing the insignia of Sinbad's friend -- Omar, the Sultan of Basra. As they inspect the wreckage, a wounded soldier from Omar's army rides towards them. As he dies in Firouz' arms, they see an enormous bloody fingerprint across his chest. They immediately set out to save Omar and his men.

As they search the island, Rongar falls into a pool of quicksand. Just before he is completely submerged, Sinbad and Doubar rescue their fellow shipmate. Suddenly, two of Omar's advisors come out of the fog and tell them about a monster that captured the ship and carried Omar away. As they were hiding below deck, they did not see the monster or know where Omar is.

For as long as they are searching the island, they've heard a bell ringing irregularly. Now the bonging is closer and the ground is shaking. Huddled together under a rocky ridge, the group looks up to see a giant ram pawing violently at the earth above them. If they run out from beneath the ridge, the ram will surely catch them. If they stay where they are, they will be buried alive as the ground begins to collapse around them. Just then, Dermott takes flight and dive bombs the ram causing him to run away.

As they contemplate their next move, they hear the screams of Omar off in the distance. Then growls and screams fill the forest. They come to a clearing where Omar is suspended from a tree in a cage. A number of empty cages hang nearby. The monster has just consumed Omar's men and will return to finish his meal. With an invention of Firouz', Sinbad is able to scale a rope to Omar's cage and set him free. When they hear the approaching monster, they hide behind a rock and see the angry 40-foot Cyclops return to find the empty cage. Sinbad and his crew offer to help Omar rescue a village on the island from the monster.

With the aid of Firouz' invention, the village constructs a huge net and develops an elaborate plan to spring the trap on the giant. During the preparation, Sinbad learns that the mayor of the village, who is in hiding in the forest with his family, is Harun Al-Dizar, a childhood bully from Sinbad's past. When Sinbad was young, Harun and some older boys chased Sinbad's first love, Lea, into the sea. Neither Sinbad nor Lea know how to swim, and Sinbad had to watch helplessly as Lea drowned. He vows to avenge her death by killing Harun. Omar and Doubar worry that if Sinbad kills Harun without provocation, Omar will be forced to arrest Sinbad.

As the Cyclops strides into view, the huge net successfully covers the monster. But when the beast manages to free himself from the ensnarement, Sinbad runs into the forest towards the quicksand pool with the Cyclops in close pursuit. Hopping deftly from mound to mound, Sinbad gets into the midst of the lake just beyond the Cyclops' reach. When the monster wades into the quagmire, he is sucked in and drowns. With one monster down, Sinbad sets out to destroy Harun and the memories of the past. But once he sees that Harun is now a feeble old man with a wife and child he loves, Sinbad realizes that the monster he knew is already dead. He simply tells Harun that the Cyclops is defeated and it's save to return to the village.

Guest Stars:
Brian O'Shaughnessy (Omar), Christo Loots (Advisor #1), Pete Butler (Advisor #2), Andrew Mackenzie (Cyclops), Ricky Rudolph (Harun)

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