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Episode Guide - Season 2

In a tempest, the magician apprentice Maeve is swept off Sinbad's ship, The Nomad. Sinbad dives into the roaring sea after her but is caught in the churning water. He wakes up on an island and is hauled to his feet by a woman, Bryn, just as a giant reptilian creature charges. The duo escape but are attacked by a band of Xantax's warriors. Bryn's elemental magic and a conveniently placed lake help them escape.

As the two swim ashore, Sinbad notices the rainbow bracelet on Bryn's wrist, just like the one he is wearing. Bryn has no memory of her past or how she got on the island. Suddenly, there is rustling in the brush and the two brace for attack. Sinbad orders Bryn back as he investigates. Instead of trouble, he finds his crew sans Maeve and Dermott. Sinbad takes the crew to meet Bryn but she has disappeared. In the village, the crew finds an unconscious Bryn left on an altar for the monster, Caiman. Sinbad and crew attack but Caiman escapes with Bryn. Sinbad, Rongar and some villagers follow across a lake on a raft. A giant water serpent surfaces, eats two men and in the commotion, Sinbad and Rongar are separated from each other. Sinbad pursues Caiman and tricks the monster. He and Bryn escape to the longboats with the crew. Caiman charges but is stopped by Firouz's sleeping gas and sinks beneath the waves.

The crew returns to The Nomad. Suddenly a white light appears and a vision of Dim-Dim appears. The long lost wizard explains that Maeve is safe and that he took her away to protect her from a more hateful Rumina. He emphasizes that Bryn is the key to victory. Dim-Dim disappears and all turn to the rather confused Bryn as Dermott appears from the sky and settles on her rainbow bracelet. The Nomad resumes its journey.

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Pienaar (Xantax), Kevin Smith (Warrior)

Tetsu the Ronin rescues a young woman, Donella, from seven demonic horsemen. He escorts her back to her village and through his rainbow bracelet magically summons Sinbad and his crew. Tetsu and Sinbad learn that Kompera and the seven demons he controls demand a new slave woman each year.

The demons attack and abduct Donella. Sinbad and Tetsu start to pursue but their bracelets pulse and Bryn collapses. She channels the spirit of a warrior monk who had come to the village to destroy Kompera. The monk sends Tetsu and Sinbad to recover a pair of swords which can destroy demons. The two cross a perilous bridge into Kompera's domain and are fallen on by Ittan-momen, a threat that smothers its victims.

Since the monk warned them one demon still remains in the village, Sinbad's crew holds vigil. On the roof above them, the Red Demon stirs. Suddenly Firouz's eyes glow red. He has been possessed and tries to kill the others. Doubar and Rongar disarm Firouz and Bryn battles the Red Demon.

Sinbad and Tetsu find the swords and destroy the demons guarding Kompera's temple. They charge into the inner chamber and come face to face with Kompera -- a gigantic demonic human head. Sinbad and Tetsu hurl their weapons at the demon which explodes in a mystical color blast. At the same moment, Bryn's demonic opponent disappears and Firouz returns to normal.

Guest Stars:
Von Flores (Tetsu), Clive Scott (Midir), Nicola Hanekom (Donella), David Thomas (Kompera)

While en route to deliver cargo to Baron Orlock, Sinbad and his crew are warned by villagers to seek shelter. Night is coming. As the crew moves on, they see a pair of young lovers walking in a field. Once the crew passes, the couple is slain by Orlock, Sinbad's patron and a member of the Undead.

Orlock finds Sinbad and crew at their camp. He instructs his assistant, Marissa, to take possession of the cargo and escort the crew to the castle. Having business to attend, Orlock will not return until the next night. His wife, Kalilah, will take care of them.

Once in the castle, Sinbad stops Marissa's torture of a guard. A battle begins then ends when Kalilah appears. She dismisses Marissa then imprisons the crew. She tells them that she is a vampire that cannot die. The only way to kill her is a stake through the heart -- which her husband removed with black magic. The only chance Sinbad has to save his crew is to retrieve her heart. She allows Sinbad to choose one crew member to help him. Sinbad and Rongar depart.

Sensing his wife's plan, Orlock dispatches Marissa to destroy them. Sinbad and Rongar fall into a trap but escape with the help of Dermott. They go to Orlock's lair and find Marissa guarding Kalilah's heart. Sinbad defeats Marissa then destroys Orlock by letting the sun shine into his chamber. They return the heart to Kalilah. She hurls it into the fire and crumples to the ground, dead after many centuries of torment.

Guest Stars:
Paryse Allen (Marissa), Michelle Bergers (Kalilah), Gerard Rudolf (Baron Orlock), Morne Viser (Barata), Neil Johnson (Niktu), Rowan Dickinson (M'Bardi), Bianca Rezinikov (Delia), Mike McDonald (Innkeeper)

The crew is attacked by brigands and Sinbad bests the outlaw leader, Young Timur. The demonic spirit of the boy's father, Timur the Elder, corporealizes and vows revenge. After his defeat, Young Timur goes to his mother, the witch Methana. She tries to persuade him to follow the path of good. As her son leaves, evil Timur appears and threatens Methana. He needs her help to take possession of Young Timur's body so he can live again. She refuses.

Sinbad and crew seek out and convince Young Timur to turn away from evil. The disembodied elder Timur is enraged and goes to Methana's hut. He calls forth the Lord of Darkness who punishes Methana for her opposition to the two Timurs becoming one. He sends golems to attack Sinbad and crew and allows Timur the Elder to take his son to the underworld. The crew goes to Methana for help and finds her body incased in the wall of her hut. Methana agrees to magically help the crew rescue the boy. Firouz stays behind to guard the witch as she sends the crew to Hell.

Once in the underworld, the crew makes it past a variety of horrors. Sinbad and Bryn enter the chamber of the Lord of Darkness. He offers them a truce. If Sinbad can defeat Timur the Elder he will let them leave with Young Timur. If not, Sinbad's soul is forfeit. After a brutal sword battle Sinbad defeats Timur the Elder and he, Bryn and the Young Timur leave Hell behind.

Guest Stars:
Dick Reineke (Timur), Terry Norton (Methana), Sean Michael (Young Timur), Johan Malherbe (Nurudin), Matthew Holdenby (Lord of Darkness)

Sinbad and crew are attacked by thieves while delivering cargo. Ali Rashid, ruler of Bollnah, rides to their aid. Once the thieves have been dispatched, Rongar attacks Ali Rashid. The prince orders the crew from his kingdom or he will execute Rongar, a known thief in the land.

The crew returns to the ship but Rongar sails the ship back to shore at night. Sinbad goes to Ali Rashid's palace and asks permission to search for Rongar. Rashid gives him one day and orders his concubine, Shirez, to take Sinbad to the seer Zorah.

Zorah sends Sinbad and crew into the mountains after Rongar. They lose all trace of him at base of a cliff. From behind a magical barrier Ali Rashid holds Rongar captive and mocks the crew. While the crew continues to search, Sinbad returns to Zorah. She tells Sinbad that Rongar was once prince of the land before Ali Rashid usurped power. Zorah is Rongar's sister and it was her betrayal that led to Rongar's tongue being cut out. Ali Rashid has a magical blade that none can oppose. And Rongar is in danger.

The crew is captured by Ali Rashid. Following Zorah's directions, Sinbad finds the entrance to the cavern and rescues Rongar. They set out to save the others. With the help of Shirez, Sinbad and Rongar find the captive crew. Ali Rashid attacks and only Bryn's and Zorah's combined magic overcome his blade. Ali Rashid is defeated by Rongar and Zorah assumes the throne.

Guest Stars:
Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Ali Rashid), Bianca Amato (Shirez), Nomvula Meth (Zorah), Matthew Holdenby (Lombard), Benjamin Ajori (Asar)

Sinbad and crew journey to the wedding feast of Aidan. Sinbad and Doubar both were part of Aidan's crew of Adventurers many years before. While en route, the crew stops to meet another friend and find his house in flames. Near death, the man cryptically warns them to refuse the gift.

Sinbad and crew arrive at Aidan's home and break the bad news to the Adventurers. The wedding festivities continue but are interrupted by the arrival of Bakbuk the tinker. He hands out dolls to all the crew and wedding guests then disappears when the lights flicker out. Bryn finds the body of one of the Adventures. His throat has been slit and in his hand he clutches the doll that Bakbuk had given him.

Sinbad and crew go to their individual quarters. The harpy dolls given to Doubar and Sinbad attack. The two destroy their tiny nemeses and then help the others. Aidan's bride-to-be, Kaitlan, is kidnapped by the tinker, Bakbuk.

Sinbad, Doubar and Aidan find Bakbuk and attempt to rescue Kaitlan. Bakbuk explains that he is seeking revenge because of ill treatment he suffered from the Adventurers years before. Sinbad battles Bakbuk as he tries to release his army of dolls from his wagon. The wheels begin to roll and the wagon rumbles down a steep hillside with Sinbad and Bakbuk on the back. Sinbad leaps free and Bakbuk and his evil dolls plummet to their deaths. Later, a young girl finds a doll that resembles the evil Bakbuk. Could it be that the evil tinkerer has somehow survived?

Guest Stars:
Dan Pawlick (Bakbuk), Patrick Lyster (Aidan), Catriona Andrew (Fallon), Graham Clarke (Jared), Debbie Rivett (Ellice), Julie Hartley (Kaitlan), Glen Fisher (Kareem), Peter Grummeck (Zeiken)

Sinbad and his crew agree to help Aziz free his brother Lutt from slavery in the jasper mines operated by the beautiful Eurayle. On the way to the boy's village, the crew is attacked by a flying creature which kills two crew men. The remaining crew gets to the village and are met by the sheriff, Knarlic, Aziz's parents and the merchant Gregga. Sinbad learns that Knarlic has made a deal with Eurayle: she protects the village as long as the people give their oldest sons to work in her jasper mines.

Sinbad and crew find Eurayle and her soldiers in the village tavern. After a flirtation Eurayle and Sinbad leave together. Bryn's rainbow bracelet begins to glow and she and the crew fight their way past the soldiers. Outside the tavern, Sinbad and Eurayle share a passionate kiss. She turns into a gorgon and Sinbad -- warned by his glowing rainbow bracelet -- decapitates her with a quick swipe of his sword.

The crew goes to the town square where Sinbad shows the villagers the head of the gorgon. Knarlic orders some men to go free the slaves from the mines but they are attacked by a monster. Sinbad, the crew and some villagers ride off to investigate. Leaving Firouz behind to tend the horses, the group moves into the forest where the two crew men had earlier been killed. Sinbad finds the cocoon encased bodies of the missing villagers. These cocoons, which eat through flesh and bone, are the work of the second gorgon, Stheno. There is movement in the trees and some of Eurayle's soldiers attack. Sinbad and associates fight their way back to the horses.

The crew finds Firouz caught in one of the cocoons. Through teamwork they manage to rescue their comrade. They ride to the mines and free the slaves. The bat-like Stheno attacks and they destroy her by using her sensitivity to sound against her. They return to the village and are told that there is a third and final gorgon, Medusa. The crew promises to destroy her but the villagers are less than helpful.

Knarlic, in league with the gorgons, goes to Medusa to warn her of Sinbad's intentions. He promises to lure the sailor to Medusa's lair but later attempts to escape with the gold the three sisters have paid him to keep the villagers under control. Gregga confronts him and pays with his life. Knarlic tries to trick Sinbad into a trap but a vengeful Medusa, having learned of his attempt to leave with the gold, calcifies him. Medusa moves to confront Sinbad. She falls into a trap laid by the crew and the villagers and is destroyed.

Guest Stars:
Lloyd Kandlin (Aziz), Rick Rogers (Knarlic), Tandi Buchan (Medusa), Bonita Wolmarans (Eurayle), Ursula Venter (Stheno), Lean Liebenberg (Ollo), Robert Dellport (Lutt), Nigel Sweet (Masra), Lynita Crafford (Coria), Tony Hawes (Gregga), Grant Preston (Bassar), John Springett (Tane)

Dim-Dim sends Sinbad and crew to aid an old friend, Abodi, and his daughter Gianna. Abodi is the last of an ancient line of Wiccan elders and he must protect the Book of Before -- a mystical volume created before time began -- from turncoat Druids led by Agramant and his daughter M'Ling. When the Druids make off with the map that shows the way to the book, Sinbad and friends set off in pursuit.

As the crew gives chase, M'Ling materializes and uses her magic to conjure a walking tree. Firouz realizes that the tree is blind and hunts by sound. Using this information, Sinbad and Doubar destroy the tree. The group continue their hunt but are attacked by Agramant's camouflage warriors who injure Abodi.

Agramant and M'Ling find the place where the book is hidden. Not magically strong enough to open the book, Agramant has Abodi abducted. Abodi refuses to open the book so Agramant and M'Ling force his hand by kidnapping Gianna from the crew. They threaten to torture his daughter unless he complies.

The crew gains access to the Wiccan shrine. Dim-Dim speaks to Abodi through Bryn and tells him to open the book. The freed energy incinerates Agramant, M'Ling and the Druids. Abodi closes the book and the power is contained. The book can both create and destroy but it values good above all else. The crew readies the ship as Gianna tells Sinbad that her father -- breaking with centuries of Druid tradition -- has made her the first woman guardian of the book. She bids a fond farewell to Sinbad as he and the crew set sail for the next adventure.

Guest Stars:
David Sherwood (Abodi), Janet Stigant (Gianna), Ian Winter Smith (Agramant), Michelle Meyer (M'Ling)

The Nomad takes on cargo and two passengers: Kundalini and his servant Masari. Among Kundalini 's belongings is a large chest that gives Bryn a psychic chill. One of the sailors, Ateeb, tries to warn Sinbad that Kundalini is a banished high priest and very dangerous. Later that night the sailor pays for his words with his life.

The next morning the crew finds Ateeb's burned body. Sinbad confronts Kundalini who uses his magical amulet to hypnotize the captain. He convinces Sinbad to sail to the uninhabited island of Rippon which is surrounded by a fierce currents. When the crew protests, Sinbad punches Doubar in the nose for disobeying orders.

Knowing something is wrong, Bryn gets past the lecherous Masari and into Kundalini's cabin where she finds the dead body of a young woman in the chest. She goes to the others and describes the snakes nesting on the lid of the box and a small green statue that Firouz identifies as the death goddess Mara. The crew goes to Sinbad who refuses to listen. He sends Doubar to the brig.

It's an ongoing struggle for Kundalini to keep control of Sinbad. A sailor, Strock, interrupts Kundalini's hypnotic therapy with the report that he heard something moving in the priest's cabin. As Kundalini hurries off, the disoriented Sinbad sends Strock to find Bryn. Strock is killed by the beautiful woman from Kundalini's cabin. With Bryn's help Sinbad breaks free from Kundalini. He fights his way through Masari and confronts the priest who tells that the body in the chest belongs to his daughter Ria. She is possessed by the deadly Mara and it takes all his magical abilities to keep her under control. He must take Ria to the deserted island of Rippon so Mara can no longer use his daughter's body as a murder weapon.

Sinbad agrees to help Kundalini and he and the crew navigate The Nomad through the deadly waters that surround the island. Ria escapes and uses her power to animate the dead bodies of Ateeb, Strock and Masari. She sends them after the crew. Bryn and Sinbad defeat Masari. Rongar and Doubar dispose of Ateeb and Strock but Doubar is wounded in the struggle.

As Firouz fights with the tiller, Ria turns into the sword-weilding green goddess Mara. The crew do their best to stop their invincible opponent, until Kundalini grabs the figure that was once his daughter and dives off the side of The Nomad into the churning waters, exorcising Mara out of Ria, but sealing her fate and his at the same time.

Guest Stars:
Gordon Van Rooyen (Kundalini), Caz Abrahams (Masari), Michelle Van Schalktwyk (Ria), Ursula Venter (Mara), Christo Loots (Ateeb)

After a violent sea storm, Sinbad, Rongar and Bryn come ashore at a market town and stumble into a robbery in progress. They intervene and are attacked by Uruk, the 7'5" 450lb henchman. He manhandles the trio then just walks to the beach where he sits serenely with Dermott. The villagers arrive and congratulate the surprised Sinbad for the capture of Uruk. As the giant man is led away, Sinbad and Bryn notice that Uruk wears a strange collar featuring occult symbols.

In the mountains outside of the town, the wizard Kumar collapses into his chair. He wears a collar identical to Uruk's. His vixenish helper, Vimala, urges him to finish the job but he is too weak to gain control of Uruk whom he is using to rob the villagers. The entire crew comes ashore for the celebration to honor Sinbad's capture of the evil Uruk. The almost robbed merchant, Hooshong, promises to pay for the repairs to The Nomad if Sinbad takes Uruk to Basra to collect the large reward offered by the sultan. Believing he can help Uruk get a fair trial, Sinbad agrees to the deal. The crew is forced to take Uruk aboard the ship to protect him from Hooshong and the others who want a little revenge. Uruk tells Bryn and Sinbad that he once had a family and friends but now he has strange blackouts where he remembers nothing. Sinbad and Bryn promise to help him find some answers.

Fearing that Sinbad will keep all the reward money for himself, Hooshong sends an assassin named Cobb and his men to kill all on board and take Uruk off The Nomad. The crew drives back Cobb's men but Uruk, under Kumar's control, leaves the ship and reunites with the band of the thieves. They attack Hooshong's shop and the merchant is killed by one of the robbers. Uruk and his men flee the village. The crew overtakes the thieves and temporarily breaks Kumar's control of Uruk. Following Uruk's lead, they make for the wizard's mountain castle. Kumar tries to use Uruk against the crew but Sinbad helps him break the wizard's hold. With Kumar defeated Uruk decides to set off into the mountains on his own where he can be free.

Guest Stars:
Garry Robbins (Uruk), James Ryan (Kumar), Greg Latter (Hooshong)

Sinbad and his crew are the honored guests of Torin and his people at a yearly festival they hold to honor Sarabinne's protector, the great Gryphon. Meanwhile, a world-renowned hunter named Malek captures the Gryphon’s child. After Bryn “connects” with the mother Gryphon’s pain, she and the others track Malek down. During the scuffle, Sinbad’s old flame Deanna is taken as a hostage by the hunter.

It doesn’t take long for the angry mother Gryphon to begin the search for her child. Sinbad and Bryn track Malek to the city of Inkra, where the hunter plans to sell the Gryphon to a Pasha that wants the mythical creature for his personal zoo. Soon after, Doubar, Firouz and Rongar arrive to help Sinbad and Bryn fight off Malek and his gang. Using his newest invention, an ancient version of the bazooka, Firouz manages to even up the overwhelming odds for his crewmates. In one of his greatest battles ever, Sinbad impales Malek on the end of a spear after the two fight back and forth in almost every corner of the great city. Finally, the mother Gryphon is reunited with her child.

Guest Stars:
Anthony De Longis (Malek), Candice Hillebrand (Deanna), Peter Krummek (Torin), Blaise Koch (Traitor)

On The Nomad, Sinbad and Doubar do their best to calm their nervous passenger, Kullu, who must get his cargo to Basra before sunset. As the moon rises over Basra, three servants wait on the docks for Kullu.

Suddenly, a creature attacks and the men are torn apart. The next day The Nomad docks at Basra and Firouz finds the mutilated bodies. A group of citizens led by the mayor, Albetta arrives and a fight breaks out. It stops as Yaga comes onto the scene. He is Kullu's house guest and he warns the citizens to quickly bury the dead. Yaga invites the crew to stay at Kullu's home until the beast has been dealt with.

At the house, the crew meets Kullu's invalid son, Mal. He and Bryn share a brief flirtation as the crew dines. Mal dissuades Kullu from tending to the cargo. The cargo came too late to be of use. Later that night, the beast smashes through the window of Kullu's study. Sinbad charges into the room and hurls a torch at the beast which catches the herbs in the cargo crate on fire. The creature escapes as the crew extinguishes the flame. Kullu is dead and Mal's room has been torn apart. He is missing.

Firouz identifies the beast as a werewolf, a lycanthrope that's part human and part wolf. He shows the crew the last remnants of Kullu's cargo -- wolfsbane and garlic -- which are remedies for lycanthropy if administered on the first night of the full moon. That night, Sinbad finds the werewolf in the town . The beast knocks him to the ground and is about to rip out his throat when Doubar arrives. Doubar runs the werewolf through with his silver inlaid sword but is bitten by the dying beast. It stumbles off into the darkness as Doubar collapses to the ground. The next night as the crew hunts for the beast Doubar transforms into the werewolf. Sinbad finds the lupine Doubar and recognizes his brother. With Bryn and Firouz at his side, Rongar appears and hurls a dirk at the Doubar werewolf. He stumbles off into the woods as the crew realizes Doubar is the monster. Sinbad tells them that tomorrow night, the final night of the full moon, Doubar must die.

The next morning Mal's body is found -- dead with a stab wound through the heart. Yaga tells Bryn that Mal was the werewolf and he passed on the curse of the Vlkodak to Doubar. Any person who survives the attack of the Vlkodak becomes a werewolf and those killed by the Vlkodak are lost souls. Yaga tells Bryn that there is one way left to save Doubar. A channeler of pure good can lead him to the light. She goes in search of Doubar. When Sinbad finds out, he runs off in search of Bryn. The thought of losing both Bryn and Doubar sends him on a wild race through the woods. Bryn finds the werewolf Doubar and tries to use her magic to help him. He hesitates then backhands her against a tree. Sinbad arrives on the scene with his sword drawn. He talks to his brother and calms him. He convinces Doubar to take his hand and a warm rainbow light glows from Sinbad's bracelet. Bryn realizes that Sinbad is the channeler as Doubar returns to normal. On board The Nomad the crew sets sail. Firouz discovers Yaga's journal in his bag. He reads that Mal's first victim had been a healer named Yaga. With the curse ended, Yaga and the other victims are free from their curse.

Guest Stars:
Laurens Cilliers (Yaga), Keith Grenville (Kullu), Nick Boraine (Albetta), Andre Jacobs (Mal)

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